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Benny Gool

Is a South African photojournalist who cut his teeth during the anti-opartheid struggle, who has photographed Archbishop Tutu for nearly 30 years, who worked with the Archbishop for the past 15 years, whose work has been published and exhibited globally.

Richard Scott

Is a renown South African naïve pop artist with a burgeoning international reputation, whose work has been exhibited across Africa, North America and Europe.

Archbishop Emeritus Tutu

Developed an incisive voice, and seldom hesitated to use it to draw attention to what he considered sinful, wrongful, greedy or unjust. Tutu attempted to retire from public life on several occasions, though he’s never quite managed it.

As long as there were people who derived meaning or joy from interacting with him he could hardly deny them he said. Mrs. Tutu lovingly mocks him about laughing at his own jokes; perhaps she has a point considering that he never fails to find his stories hilarious - even the 179th time he tells them! Humor, Tutu believes, is an essential component of HUMAN BEING. It is a gift from God. God really does have a wonderful sense of humor, he often remarks.